Welcome for the New Year

Blessings and Peace New Breed Healers,
Welcome to the New Year of 2007,

As you know, our community is growing and branching out across the land. How very wonderful it is for all of us to participate in the expanding of our dreams.

It is my hope and desire that this new year will bring about a common union of love as grace and growth in unity, through our supportive appreciation of each other. Let us co-create a sacred space of genuine care and appreciation.

Who are the Brothers and Sisters known as the New Breed Healers?
WE are individuals of all Spiritual paths. We are awakening and awakened workers of Divine Light and Love Intention. We are beings who have encountered death in many ways. We seek to honor our experience of Oneness in freewill participation in this incarnation. We strive for our authentic self to be the pure reflection of our truth and that our truth be in harmony in Divine Love and Understanding. We hold sacred the gift of all life and relationship, ever striving to serve simplicity in truth as communion, compassion, co-operation and co-creation.
We seek to honor Our Lives as Sacred Reflections of Divine Intention
And through this awakening Honor All Life in Sacred Oneness.

Intentions for the new year!
I see that in order for our community to maintain and sustain an equilibrium that crosses boarders of time and space, we must intentionally create an atmosphere which supports our dream.

This year I would like to set clear intentions for the New Breed Healers as a large community.

For the Community of New Breed Healers to make it through the 17 Awareness's in the Soul Portrait Book as a Unified whole.
For a strong and empowered group of individuals to form a common understanding of this process of enlightenment.
For strong and clear minded teachers/leaders/medicine people to be birthed through this community empowerment.

For the new year, I would like all members to be present for the community meetings.

These meetings will take place across land and sea on the
3rd Saturday of the month 10 a.m. PST and will begin February 17, 2007.

It is my intention to do an evening meditation on Friday before the meeting at 8:30 p.m. (PST).
This first round will take us through 18 months.

For the month of January there is a Southern meeting which will take place on the 13th. Northern and other groups will meet on the 27th.

For Christmas I received a video camera for my computer. It is my hope that one of our computer genius's will set us up so that, as of the 27 of January we will be able to access each other via phone and video camera on your computer for both individual calls and community gatherings. It is my understanding that we will be able to record our sessions through this media. Please make it a point of being there.

Format for Community Gatherings
Pacific Standard Time

10:00 a.m. Open each Community Gathering with the Dance of Creation.
Split the direction between members.

10:15 a.m. Meditation for the day. (Willow will provide a monthly meditation for the group.)

10:30 a.m. Read aloud the Awareness of the Day. WE will be working through the Soul Portrait 17 Aware nesses as a community. Each month we will study a new awareness.

11:00 a.m. 30 minutes of silence for personal contemplation of the awareness. Write down any personal thoughts that you have.

11:30 a.m. Open discussion and lunch break.

1:00 p.m. Group painting. Each member will need to have a canvas, paints, old socks and paint brushes and water. Allow for silence during this time.

2:15 p.m. Each member is given 10 minutes to share their portrait. There are no comments allowed from the observers regarding anyone else’s work.

4:00 p.m. End the community meeting in a Circle of Prayer. Each group may choose to continue to gather for supper if desired.

General Rules of Engagement:
READ the New Breed Healers Intentions to yourself before each meeting. (Attached)

Be aware of your own personal ego comments and actions.
Do not ‘do’ for others what they can do for themselves.
Allow others to speak.
All members are responsible to bring their own utensils and supplies.
No back biting or gossip these are forms of jealousy.

Kindness at all times.
Practice appreciation through gratitude.
Practice Joy through Grace.
Practice Beauty through adoration.

Requirements for participation:

Please use the forum to discuss group meetings.

Please inform Willow of all persons who wish to participate in the group meetings who are not currently members.

Soul Portrait Book

Canvas, paints, old socks, brushes, something to place water in, water.

Shared meal. Pot luck is the most common way to share. Please bring enough for yourself and 4 others. This usually provides the group with enough to go around. Your own dishes and utensils if you are outside.

“Cut wood, carry water” Everyone cooks, cleans and puts away.

Begin Meetings on time. Do not wait for late persons. It is important that the gathering begin on time so that the natural order and flow is honored in the sacred space that you are creating.

Many Blessings to each of you and to our entire Community,
InLove and In Peace,


New Breed Healer Intentions:

My Commitments and Intentions as a New Breed Healer:

My commitments to myself and my community are (to be said aloud in first person):

My commitment to my relationships with another being, is to examine from my heart and to act(action) from my heart.

To recognize that whatever it is that I am speaking to is a reflection of my personal view which may or may not have unresolved issues (and "I" likely do have unresolved issues as I am DivinelyHuman).

To have an allowance for another view which I do not understand.

To acknowledge that what I do understand is only a small part spoken of all that is unspoken.

To honor the 'idea' of what I think I understand and to equally honor that which I do not understand.

To know that my judgments are containers which can be used to hold sacred joy or to destroy and humiliate.

To manifest relationships which hold sacred the Being that I am and the being that they are, in integrity and in love.

To Co-Create with others InLove through Communion, Compassion and Co-operation.

To do this means that I must examine myself by:

  • Knowing what is important to me and to know what is important to the other.
  • Seeking to understand beyond the superficial level.
    • To do this, I must go within and ask for guidance in what the important thing is and trust in that guidance.
  • I must be willing and able to make concessions without feeling as if OUR freedoms have been taken away.
    • To know this, I must know that the concessions that WE are making are with persons/Beings who hold the same integrity and commitment to the relationship.

This requires me to be in my highest integrity and desire of union with Divine InLove.

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