10/2014 - Awareness 37: Evolution InLove

Day one of four days,
The day of simple consideration.

Considerations for Day One.

Excerpt 10-2014 Letter of Spiritual Direction part 5

"I think about the years that I have spent in working with my qualities of truth, trust.......this system of communication, Communion. This development of a language system to help each Being come to know and to know their authentic truth. And in so knowing, develop a keen wave resonance to help our relations to understand their unique frequencies. This, so that each frequency becomes a sonorous, a harmonious wave of one Sound Symphony of pure heartmind that Is One. One Universal Love's clear frequencies of all walks and ways of Being. Frequencies unfiltered by domestication's of culturally bound taboos. So I begin to think, "What would happen if I were to believe what another said regardless of my own unknowing?" "

Day One Death Dance.
Today we begin our Death Dance.

What is this dance, but the place, the moments which are given to us to let that which is past be past.
The place where we look at that which is gone.......... and allow it gracefully to be gone.

So it is on this first day, where veils are lifted and the this and that become transparent.
It is here that we let go of the lingering of that which is already gone.

Today we consider,
'What is gone that I still cling to?'
This is what each of us prepares to surrender into the great mystery in this dance.

INLove's connection may we each find the courage to see that which is already gone. Honing in to self to more clearly free the space of inner clutter.

What has gone that needs letting go of?

I awaken to Kai ready to go out.
I dream of treasures given and received in unexpected goodness, and I am grateful. Awakening today with a grateful heart.

Awareness #37 - Evolution InLove

I look today at what has gone that needs letting go of.
Like the leaf that falls from the tree.......
These leaves need to be gathered and placed in areas where they will return to the humus of the Great Mystery.

So what are the leaves of my life that have fallen and need to be gathered and disposed of?

Maybe for the first time in such an incredibly long time I Feel (Sense, Emotion, Mind one unified recognition),
I feel a settled creativity.

Settled Creativity, that place not bound by the vice grip of domesticated structure.
But rather a freedom found only in the letting go of all the 'things' that keep me stagnate in my, oh so perfected self.

Not that anyone would see me as perfect,
not that I see myself as perfect.......
But rather, in the perfected container of my life that I created along with the domestication's of my relations.
This unified perfection of being which did invent that 'me' of proper and orderly size, weight, measure and proportion of mind, emotional and physical form.
'I' the perfected imperfection, the 'l' free from the need to think outside the box.

And so today as a moment of 'broken bracelets' as Issi calls it.......
As moments of broken bracelets' lay scattered like fallen leaves in autumn frost, my filters of perfected self, receive a new fragrance.
A surprising new fragrance of merging temporal and in-temporal (worldly and spiritually), a chance anomaly, a chance spark which gallantly rides wave of eternal presence.
This Eternal Presence; eternal being the past, future and present in this single moment in time and space.

This eternal presence offering the mundane an opportunity of a new experience.

And the thing about experience is that one experience is based upon another experience, and we remember that everything is connected........
connected thoughts, connected emotions, connected senses.
Evolution of matter occurs in the connectivity of loves generosity of unified expression 'in' that which is whole.

So it is that we can think that we create a new painting.....and yet it is simply an evolution of that which has been before.

I might experience an insight which leads me to a new way of painting. Is this new?
I consider only the insight to be new, for it is but an evolution of
'Manner and Occupation', meaning, 'that which has held steady the existence of any particular form as steady form.' This manner and occupation allow for the minute and incremental steps in evolution. And what is evolution but the love of life's existence from on perfect imperfection to the next perfect imperfection?

It is within these Ananda Bliss moments, these moments of extreme happiness in pure experience of blessedness...............it is here that the OPENHEART knows home eternal. Eternal as now, this moment. This moment as being every moment in Presence.

Pure open heart is the perfection of imperfection or Presence.
Here opinion and no opinion are of no matter.
The only existence is a spark, an anomaly of loves purity in the great mystery.
This anomaly arises as a chance opportunity to adventure further,
and step one step closer to the undifferentiated self (the not different self) as Unified Being.
This Unified Being (EgoSoul) occupying only the bliss state of Perfect Presence as Imperfection. Inlove JiMi

So today as the chill covers the roof tops
and sun shines in rainbows of crystalline forms
and Clouds gather as grey billows of 'sure to storm'

There is a stillness on this cabana porch
A quiet beautiful stillness behind cedar scented pine fence planks.
Here, where flowers of red and pink bloom.
Where chili peppers continue to fruit
and birds are still singing.

And I remember that I live between heaven and earth
in light, color and form.
And that the sound of life come to me and our world
as expressions of likes uniting in gratitude.

So just for today
I sweep up the fallen leaves
I sit in bliss gratitude as life's gratitude
in perfect imperfection.

Inlove JiMi Tao

Supreme Quality - InLoves Connection InGenerosity

Planet lineage quality of Humility (quality #6) brought through
InLoves Connection InGenerosity

I - Human Experience through the Cycle of Life Prayer
Divine Love, We ask your guidance and tender holding of all of the New Breed Healers.
Vatemare Amethyst Vision Seekers, Family, Friends and All Relations
InLoves Connection InGenerosity

Humility InLoves Connection InGenerosity

  • I-1: Rays of Loves light come as song of blessing. A core knowing that all of creation is created from love as happiness and freedom

    • My knees bend and bow at this humble love. My will grows weak as I Surrender in Adoration and Appreciation to love that cares for me. Cares to renew, refresh, feed, cloth, shelter, compassion and joy me InLove
  • I-2: The rock of the mountain is endless in experiences of genuine care

    • Life is a gift and connections are precious and valuable
  • I-3: Loves Beauty requires equanimity in all bodies

    • We are that from what we are made from. Love is all there is. Always Be Love, that which you are
  • I-4: Within the mirrored reflections of crystalline rainbow forms resides the eternal unseen

    • Separation knows self as related
  • I-5: Asleep or awake happiness is found conscious

    • A slow walk in cherishment teaches adoration
    • May each of us share with each other the Wisdom of Openhearted Tenderness, born of humility, injoy and inpeace InLoves Connection InGenerosity
  • I-6: Breath is a choice as is laughter and kindness from an open heart

    • Every element connects in surrender to love
  • I-7: Beauty steps loves journey home

    • In the beginning we are One, in the end we are One
  • I-8: Loves Resonance begins in the wholeness of form

    • A breath of peace is open arms
  • I-9: Spirit of Love fills Life Joyfully

    • Precious consideration
  • I-10: Loves Clarity in Being

    • Waters gardens of delight
  • I-11: Harmony resides InBetween

    • Comingling
  • 1-12: Cherishment

    • Love renews itself heartfully

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