Letter after Death Dance – prayer stick

Dear Community,

This morning I completed the Death Dance Ceremony.
Resting today, listing to the Ancestors, hearing love, compassion and the asking of Joy to be guides in our lives.

It took some time for me to make my way through the this and that of the completion and incompletions and in the realization the New Vision would have to come forward as I surrender the known and unknown.

Ceremony was simple, one light, one moment, one fire and the breath of air flowing across the surround yet never touching my altar.

Moon streaming through the crystal hanging in the east. I offer suffering to end in each of us, in our world and our universe and in all universes. Each by name I call you and offer your heartmind prayers, intentions and your willingness to find sacred presence within self. Self and Source united in Harmony in/for Peace.

Sage smells sweet and wafes of gardenia warmly pass through the open air.

VaTeMaRE and New Breed Healers, all our families and relations, all kin known and unknown in heaven and earth.
You are loved. We are loved.

And I pray for New Vision and such was given in great detail of my role as your Teacher and your role as People learning to be in Equanimity of Communion, Compassion and Co-Operation of Community.

This first day of the year, I offer this.............

I see that you have come to the outer circle of your capacity of togetherness.
Now it is time to fill your inbetween with care, kindness, consideration and stability.
Like the YinYang you must develop your balance in health and well being.

As the Ancestors were telling me that a Flyer would come into my life to guide me,
a Large Raptor circled over head.

Eagle reminds me that sometimes we must set ourselves a part from the other inorder to see and help. For it is this global sight that is given to the few and as few, I am asked to allow you to create your community.

It is right for me to guide you like GPS🙂
It is right for me to spend my time with your individual and community healings
It is right for me to continue to listen and be creative, for this is my calling to provide future generations with pathways of peaceful evolution.

These things I am asked by the ancestors.
And this remembering they light up in the memory of my eternity.

This is my last incarnation of individual existence. Gladly in much appreciation I am summoned home in ONENESS.
Not as a grain of sand, nor as any identity.
And with this remembering, I am reminded that these teaching are not for the few but for all. Including the evolution of generations and worlds to come. It is in this way that I am reminded that as your circle has reached its outer harmony and now seeks its inner harmony, it is also time for me to stand as an overseer.

In this way I can move in the rhythm and harmony of my own nature, and may be called upon by you in the event that you have a question. To guide your Souls through Ceremony and to prepare a place of Balanced Circle for you to arrive to.

You have a lot to consider these days and it I good for us to be beginning again.

You are my charge, I will, Like in the Death Dance these last few days, carry you over the threshold and planting you gracefully in the new space as a community.

I will continue with your healings and classes.

Your ceremonies are the moments of quiet humility that you spend with your Source in your prayer in morning and evening dedication.

Community Task 1 for time of Inner Wisdom
Community Prayer Stick

You are to deliver the makings of a Community Prayer Stick to me at the Spring Gathering.

It will be made of a Willow Branch. You will give it to me at the spring ceremony.

It will be held in the air of Heaven by a feather of a Blue Heron. I ask all community members to ask for this and when you find one, place it on your altar for the inner wisdom time of prayer. You will give it to me at Spring Ceremony.

You will select a bead for the prayer stick. Your bead will be selected as beautiful, of moderation, humility and compassion. It is not extravagant too large nor too small.

Your bead will represent your 800 year cycle intention. You will write in beautiful hand, your intention on a piece of paper no bigger than then the length and width of two fingers.

The process will begin this day.
In the mail a long string will come to you in the mail with a bead or more than one bead.
These are considered to be individual seed contributions for the community.
You are to place your bead on the string and hold it on your altar for 7 days.

In this envelope you will find small strips of paper which hold the intentions of those that came before you.
You will hold your own intention and the intention of those before you.

After seven days you will place the bead and the contents
the intentions in a box and send it to the next person on the list.
You will contact that person via the forum called " Prayer Stick " and let them know to expect the box.
The receiver of the box will notify the sender of it's safe delivery, again via forum.
Delivery day is day one of your seven days.
Sending day is one of your seven days.

The list will be in the box and you are not to disclose who is on the list next.

In the event of any problems you will call a circle and discuss what to do next.

I will not be available for problem solving.
You will need to problem solve as a group in natural order of sharing - giving and receiving.
Watching out for the care and consideration of what is important for the group and the individual.

May love guide your hearts with clarity of mind and compassion in understanding.

In any event you will at the Spring Gathering as a community of many hands, hearts and Beings, provide me with the contents to create a prayer stick for this community.


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