Humility – 31 Day Contemplation

7th World Qualities

Eternal Aspect Charts

Rule of Life – Yearend Summary

54 Day Contemplation - Passionate Passageways – Thread 7

Ascended Wisdom Matrix Class

  • Part 1 – Character
  • Part 2 – Vows

Summer Solstice

Community Development

Political Statement

Contemplation: Eternal Discipline SanAtna

  • Surrender
  • Freedom and Freewill
  • Lost and Bound
  • Honor

Divine Intention of Separation

Summary Calculation the Soul Journey of the Day

JiMi Turns the Community over to the NBH Active Teachers

Developing a Trust Circle

Letter to our World

Letter of Spiritual Direction: Gratitude in the Light of Appreciation

Works of JiMI Tao

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