Humility – 31 Day Contemplation

Considerations of Humility
Excerpt from the, 12 Thread Prayer Book
01-01-2016 Community 31 Day Contemplation

Blue Circle with Laminar Flow in the center. Magic holds Miracles.

Day 1:

  • Have a white blank journal to draw and write in.
  • Choose your personal quality that you will work with, identify its symbol and color. You will need to have your definition of your quality written in your journal on page one along with the symbol in its correct color.
  • Plan on posting in the forum at least 3 sentences.
    • VAV, Linnea and Annie - Daily Forum Posting
    • Remaining NBH - 3 times per week. Advise the group what days you will be posting.

Day 2: Unified Divine Human Quality: Humility (Aspect-Image to Love 'Imagination')

Day 3: ASPECTS (Identify the Eternal Aspects according to your Thread and in the order of your prayers. This is found in the small prayer book.) Write them down and keep as a map.

Day 4: (Figure out what day you are beginning your contemplation on.
For instance January 4 is a Monday. For a Thread 6, Monday the Eternal Aspect that you pray with is Ego/Soul Unity.) For every other Thread it is going to be different, Variance in the Universe.

Today's Contemplation:

"Humility gives the Eternal Aspects the Image and Imagination to Love. "

  • Consider your quality as definition, symbol and color.
  • Consider the Eternal Aspect for the day.
  • Consider Humility as given in the above statement, color and geometric form.
  • Draw, write, and see in your daily walk the lessons of this unfolding. Allow yourself to be free in wonder.

For the rest of the month you will follow this same method for self-discovery in contemplation.

Day 5: "Humility allows us the capacity to move through the aspects of our lives in gentle and easy peace."

Day 6: "The Eternal Aspects of Home, Partnership, Work, Friends, Vehicle and Family give Ego/Soul Unity a place from which to learn and co-create through play."

Day 7: "Ego/Soul Unity, in the co-creative expression through the Eternal Aspects, is the measuring stick for Joy in our lives. Joy is an Immeasurable4 that helps define the quality of our lives."

Day 8: "Humility is simple; it is honoring and respectful; it is peaceful in heart and joyful in Being."

Day 9: "Humility is simple, honest and humble. It is not submissive, victim or tyrant; it is not passively or outwardly aggressive."

Day 10: "Humility finds energy, balance and healing through the open heart of Love's Adoration and defines Quality of Life through what matters to the heart."

Day 11: "If one lives the Quality of Patience, Humility can be found nearby with the heart of Acceptance and Freedom."

Day 12: "Humility likes the simplicity of sorting out shoes, or a mother's Joy in organizing a room full of her child's toys. Humility grants the individual and/or group the capacity to enjoy the ordinary and find comfort in the simple."

Day 13: "This "ordinary" is something that the Body of Matter offers each life form as a place to find understanding of self and other."

Day 14: "The Faith of the Beauty Way supports the belief that conquering the ordinary is a supreme pathway of human enlightenment and is reflected in our very core Soul purpose."

Day 15: "Both Faith and Wisdom are advanced as a Unified Quality as one expression interchangeable and vital to the existence, sustainability, and maintainability of every life form. "

Day 16: "Immeasurable: There are 4 lmmeasurables: Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity. The lmmeasurables are Supreme Qualities without measure. "

Day 17: "Ordinary. To Be Beauty within the Ordinary."

Day 18: "To find Peace in Being Just as one IS."

Day 19: "To be simple in need, care and action."

Day 20: "To be modest in one's own imperfections, which are but perfection. To be Humble in existence as Being."

Day 21: "The ordinary tests the gyrations of inner heart crossings and flux of Emotional Sobriety, which, in turn, tend to lead each back to the conquering of the ordinary."

Day 22: "Ordinary takes each back to the enjoyment of Stillness in a moment of Wholeness."

Day 23: "Here in this Stillness one learns to stand close enough to hear and far enough back to be heard clearly."

Day 24: "One learns to be still in the moment, not here or there but found within the modest route of Simplicity. Joy and Hope live with Faith and Wisdom as doorkeepers of the Eternal Aspects."

Day 25: Gather Your writings into segments as follows:

  • Days 1-7 Love
  • Days 8 - 14 Compassion
  • Days 15 - 21 Joy
  • Days 22-23 Equanimity

Day 26: Submerge yourself in the Love of Humility. Write a summary.

Day 27: Submerge yourself in the Compassion of Humility. Write a summary.

Day 28: Submerge yourself in the Joy of Humility. Write a summary

Day 29: Submerge yourself in the Equanimity of Immeasurable Presence. Write a summary

Day 30 and Day 31: Post 10 enlightments that you have discovered this month.

Your Enlightenments will be reflective of the patience, effort and regularity.

Much Love to you. I do believe this work will open your hearts and continually be a benefit to the peace that is always present when we slow enough to hear the heart silence of Humility.



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