Angels we have heard no High - LSD 12/2007

December, 2007

Letter of Spiritual Direction from Willow

Dear New Breed Healers,
"Angels we have heard on High"

We hear this song this time of year and few of us really understand the significance of this song today.

As many of you know, on December 11th, 2007 a significant planetary alignment took place. This alignment will continue unfold and unfurl as new
birth awakens upon our planet Earth.

The planetary shift which occurred on the above date is the Sun (Masculine
Energy), the Moon, (in a new moon phase and representing the Feminine Energy),
Venus (the Divine Feminine), Jupiter which represents financial matters or
money and Pluto(the Cosmic influence who is able to bring energies from our
Spiritual Cosmos or Soul experience and memory to the Earth Plane). This
and Mars ( the Divine Masculine In Retrograde) has all made for a really
important, in some cases easy and in some cases really difficult shift for
our earth plane.

Part 1

Concepts and Considerations of planetary alignment and how it has and is
effecting our everyday life.

The sun-moon alignment remind us of the balance of the universe. The way in
which Great Spirit/Great Father(masculine principal) and Great Mystery/Great
Mother (feminine principle) are balanced as Two from the Divine Source of
One. One Divine Source, separate into Two through the desire to see and
experience self, thus the yin and yang of Divine Source.

Through every world a new and renewed Divine energy in both the Feminine and
the Masculine form is birthed. This occurs at the end of the world time,
when the evolution of the planetary experience is at it's fullest knowing.
We are at this time of times. The Mayan Calendar states that the year 2012
will begin the year of the transition of this divine energy. Other Native
Teachers as myself disagree with this and believe that the transition began
to occur in 2005 with the birth of the Divine Feminine on this earth plane
in the summer of that year.

At that time you may have noticed a influx of feminine energies which began
to emerge with the desire to reconnect with the inner feminine. The feminine body beginning to change and reconnect with the beauty and desire
of inner cherishing relationship and adoration for living. It has been a
long two and ½ years for the Divine Feminine. The challenge has been for
that feminine aspect of each of us to find the tender courage to trust in
the Great Mystery of life and to let go of the patriarchal dogma which has
held feminine thinking and perspective as invalid.

The shift has required that the feminine in each of us look at why and how
we hold sacred that which we say we love and become determined to absolutely
embrace it with adoration and cherishment --- while at the same time allowing it the freedom personal experience and letting go. A hard task of
letting go for the Feminine who has learned that the only way to get along
on this earth plane is to hold sacred only the masculine energy. Personal
empowerment of each of us through our Divine Feminine is calling each of us
as the pendulum of time and space attempts to find the steady center.

For the masculine it is has been equally difficult. As our 4th world chaos
has stripped the masculine being of sensitivity to creativity and genius,
requiring and unfathomable demand of ego soul separation of self. Thus creating a world stripped of both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, leaving our world to be watched over by the mindlessness of consumerism which in primitive times might be likened to cannibalism.

The reason that this understanding is important, is because the shift has
taken place where on Dec. 11th, 2007, the Soul has entered the earth plane
and you now have access to your counsel and your divine source through your
personal desire. Let me be clear, you have always had access, now simply
think and you will be there.

Returning to the stars and planetary alignment.
This last summer the Divine Masculine entered into our Earth Plane, first
to explore self, second to reunite with the Divine Feminine.

What does that mean?
As Lynell and Lori so eloquently stated, it means that the Divine Masculine
energy within each of us was born. As sensitivity and permission has been
given to the Masculine to observe and make peace with the Masculine energy.
It is a time of ego examination and letting go of ways which are outworn and
no longer hold the intimate value of the creative dream which is held within
the Masculine.

For the men of our community and world, it means a deep examination of who
and what your dreams are. It means really looking at what you are serving
and how you are holding sacred the life that you have brought into this world. Life meaning your dream, your garden, your work, your children................
The question is, How have you and how are you supporting what you say you
love, how are you nurturing your own dream, and how are you nurturing the
dream of your partner, community and world.

If you say you are not and it does not matter, then it is clear that you are
in your 4th world chaos, for the Divine Masculine seeks to understand personal dream through creative genius and wants to hold and support the
sacred space for dreams in unity in peace.

For the women of our community and world, examining our own Divine Masculine means to GET NICE!!!! Not the kind of nice that historically means roll
over and allow yourselves to be burned at the stake or have heads cut off.
What it does mean is to step aside and allow the Masculine- the faith to
explore the wonder of self. It means trusting that for the last two years
the Divine Feminine within each of us has had an opportunity to warm and
grow, and that the masculine needs the space to be trusted.

Days of the violent feminine have passed and we must make room and put out
our hand and lead the masculine into the internal and mysterious void so
that they may come back with the treasure of the gentle and secure heart.
The Lion Heart is upon us and we must as a community and world allow for
each to grow. This growth requires that we personally trust that the other
is in personal process and that our own anger and resentment of unfinished,
uncared for, unworthy victim of longer has a place in our personal
relationship with self or other.

We must Choose to believe that we are ONE and in our Oneness, we are TWO in

As Venus the Goddess of Love embraces this time as the Divine Feminine it
holds the Inner Circle between The Sun and The Moon and Mars in retrograde.
Mars, the Divine Masculine when in retrograde can be likened to the great
warrior who after months of battle, returns to the battle field and examines
what has happened.

This Divine warrior asks:
Was everything done to ensure peace?
Did I consider within my heart the life and death of each moment?
Did I use my creative genius to explore and examine healthy ways of co-creating?
Did I go it alone or did I call upon my compadre or companions to help me
sort out my thoughts?
Did I go first to my Divine Source?
Did I cherish my partner and family?
Did I choose uphold the dogma or did I choose this battle because of a just
cause written upon my eternal heart?

How does this relate to what is happening today?
Inner personal issues of the Ego are coming to a head. Personal examination
of the ways in which each of us goes about our life is challenged. If there
are issues with the masculine which have not been dealt with in peaceful and
complete resolution, it will come up. It will come up in a gentle way as
Venus holds the sword at the gateway of intervention.

Yet, if ego is in persistence as rebellion, veiling self, from wanting to
look at destructive patterns, and still chooses to Blame the other for the
plight and circumstance, that individual will be cut with the sword of the
Goddess of Love. For truly no love can enter into the embrace of ONENESS in

In other words, we must come to fully understand and take personal responsibility for our own feelings of unworthiness and discount. If we are
playing the game of 'it's all your fault' and 'poor me', the sword of
Divine Truth will cut the ego in two and create opportunities of self reflection. It is personal choice, either we take courage and remember
that we are in a wonderful time of awakening or we can sleep through the
awareness and allow ourselves to be swallowed by the shadow of fear. A difficult yet rewarding task for the Divine Masculine which lives within
each of us. A difficult and empowering task held by the Divine Feminine.
We are both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, how are we experiencing
and expressing each in our lives?

Part II - Jupiter and Pluto

There's really so much to be said of this great planetary shift which really
embraces, the New Moon in Sagittarius, the Sun, Pluto and Mercury and Jupiter and Venus all coming together.
To make a small statement, some of these events last occurred 2000 years
ago, others aspects have no record.

Why is this important?

Consider just two aspects, Jupiter the planet which rules finance or money
and Pluto which we might liken to holding the space of Soul.

Consider that Soul is the Memory Keeper of our eternal and incarnate self.
That part of us who holds the memory of all our life times and all of our dreams.

Consider for a moment a dollar bill. On this earth plane it could be said
that the dollar bill is the one energy current which holds the dream of humans.

Test: take a dollar bill in your hands, get centered and ask the dollar
bill, where have you been?
Ask, how many loafs of bread have you bought?
How many children have you fed?

What does it say?

Consider for a moment, what if the dogma which states that "in order for us
to be spiritual beings, we must live in poverty", is a lie? What if that
statement was really created to oppress the masses? What if statements like
that were created to make humans believe that the only way to connect with
Divine Source was through another more 'holy' or 'religious' person?
What if you chose to believe that everyone has equal access to all that is,
and that All that Is has an equal desire for the happiness and wellbeing of
all life? Natural Order.

The conjunct of Jupiter and Pluto is a Divine intervention of a Cosmic Truth. That Truth being that The Dreams of All are important and that the
energy which supports us whether it is water, or wind or money, is there for
the happiness and wellbeing of all. As the energy of life (Great Spirit)
flows into Great Mother, every aspect of Great Mother is nourished, sustained, maintained and cherished.

We as an expression of Great Mother and Great Spirit are fully held and cherished by Divine Source. Could it be any different? It is only our personal thoughts of unworthiness which cause and recreate disillusionment
in our lives. What if we chose to think something new?
What if we chose happiness and believed that our happiness matters above all
to our Source?

The Jupiter and Pluto conjunct remind us that as the soul carries the memories of our dreams so does money carry the memory of our dreams. As
they show up at this time, the realization that the presence of our soul
connecting upon this earth plane is the same as all energy supporting our
dreams here as we are fully present in our lives. Does this make sense?
There is a direct correlation of abundance of support for our dreams and it
is that this is merely the first week of a long unfolding. We can surely
expect that as we clear the retrograde Mars influence, the gateway of prosperity is open to all in fruition.

As New Breed Healers, you are likely to experience the desire to let go of
old patterns in an unprecedented way. The work of our personal process compels us to let go of that which does not serve us and we can see more
clearly than most, that which holds us back. WE must remember that our personal rebellion or denial of our inner truth is only supported by the
wounded ego and that there are two roads of healing. The red road, which is
the difficult path of denial which consistently provides us with opportunities to come up against our own stuff. The other is the blue road,
which is the pathway of flow. Here we acknowledge and recognize our limitations and we surrender and let go of that which does not serve our
highest potential. WE allow our ego to be held in the loving arms of the
soul and the two together enter this new phase of human development in Unity
and Appreciation for each other.

Both roads are valid and will ultimately lead to the place of humility. Humility is the only gate way which allows entrance into Oneness. The question is, are we choosing to walk the path in clarity and surrender or in
denial and victim?

I want to thank each of you for your prayers and you care. It has been truly a blessing to me to feel and sense your love and hope. Through your
prayers I have experience relief from personal and global burden. It Is my
hope that you have found that the joy of prayer is the essence of the true

Inlove and Inpeace,
Willow Tequillo
Spiritual Guide, Medicine Woman

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