LSD 11/2010 Dedicated to Great Migration from 4th to 5th worlds

Divine Wisdom in Human Emotion = Delightful Devotion
This letter of spiritual direction is dedicated to the Great Migration from 4th to 5th Worlds.

Outline contents:

  • Prayer
  • Concepts of Cycle
  • Soul Portraits # 11 and #12 from 32 Awareness's
  • Discussion of Soul as Etheric Body and Aura
  • Importance of Wisdom in Emotion
  • Questions for consideration

Part 1 - Prayer

Dear New Breed Healers and Amethyst Vision Seekers,

Let us take the breath inward, receiving the light of Great Spirit.
Let us let go of the breath that is held deep within the Great Mystery.
Each breath 3 x's, clearing the channels of our very core and feeding
us with the life force of the universe.

In silence of heart, mind and body let us pray..........

Divine Love,
We gather today in the center of emotional sobriety. Having traveled this life in our ego and souls delightful devotion to seeking. Today we find ourselves in the middle of our lives as Unified Beings. WE are here in the fulcrum, where heaven and earth meet within us. To get here we have given freely our attachments and consciously pursued the dream of Metta.
As we open our eyes and take our first breaths, we find that we are in the cross roads, 'Beings of Two Worlds Merging'. And we are grateful to be born of a time of universal awakening.
May we Be Light to our worlds, light of Co-operative Awakening in Wonder. May we be surefooted as path makers of gentle ease and peace as we travel through the Great Mystery. May we BE peacemakers of compassion through the harmony which is fully us within and without. May our worlds merging know the comfort of equanimity and may all life know that it is Home.

Blessed Be

Part 2 - Concepts of Cycle in, 'The Beauty Way'

WE celebrate this time of the 11th moon. The 11th moon cycle that says: I am Spiritual Cosmos the connection between Divine Heaven and Divine Earth.
I am Divine Wisdom and Human Emotion in Delightful Devotion.
I am the fluid sustainable matter of which all life is made of.
I am Metta

This month is a month of reflection. Imagine for a moment sitting by the river. Looking in the clear water, we see ourselves as both the water and the reflection of water. Standing on the top of water we see both what is above us and that which is below us. When we look our reflection we see both the sky and the earth. This is Us, this is we, Beings who live between heaven and earth.

The question for this month's contemplation is:

As I reflect upon that which is before me, (meaning that which is in front of me, behind me, to the sides of me, above me and below me.) As I reflect upon that which has created me and of what I am made of, "In the Wisdom of my experience of living, what Emotions will lead me into my future?"

Part 3 -Soul Portraits #11 and #12 from 32 Awareness's

We look to our 32 Awarenesses to help us to discern where we are in our path. This part of our path is double. Examinations occur both within the ego and the soul and reflect our physical, mental and emotional bodies. This also means that reflections of our light and shadow have become clear through the Aspects of our lives. The 8 aspects of Being are: Ego/Soul Unity, Partnership, Family, Friends, Home, Vehicle and Work. The order is relative to the individual.

The 11th Awareness is RE-formation as defined as:

In reformation Being experiences the giving and receiving love.
'Becoming for love', requires the recognition of two shifts or the outer and the inner dance.
Deep within the inner womb of matter, mother; Soul begins to explore with Ego
the depth of the human compassionate heart.
Ego is recognized as the earth vehicle for soul memory and life purpose.
In the co-operative common union of the compassionate heart,
ego recognizes self to be of divine nature and soul recognizes self as human nature.
Together in personal awe of 'self' as creation,
ego and soul find themselves in the cellular memory of all matter, in all time and in all space.
In infinite eternity within the communion for love, together ego and soul seek the narrow pathway of wholeness together. It is here that Faith is tested and gifts are many.
Deep issues of trust and betrayal are examined. The three elemental sisters of Earth (earth, fire and water) and the voice of heavenly accompaniment (air), hold intentions for love in the transition through transfiguration.
Spiritual cosmos and spiritual earth together hold the sacred space as the human being and the divine being make their way through the volcanic beauty of eternal fiery earth. The passage and pathway are narrow. Supreme examination of intentions are required by ego/soul in order to safely cross over to the landscape of new beginnings in New Earth in Harmonic Unity.

River of Life conversation as Unified SELF

Soul/Ego conversation: "I don't really know how it works; I do know that there feels like a trust within me that I am paying attention to. Paying attention to what is before me and around me and that I am actively participating in my life in a way that is sustainable for me and for others. I notice and see a settling......

I am reminded of our tradition and the belief that all are seeking a 'Home' and in the migrations, where each goes out to discover where their home is...... and when home is found, it is settled. In this settlement gardens can grow, houses can be built, structures can be formed, cultures can be developed..... life can become sustainable and maintainable. This migration has taken a long time to come. I feel inwardly that this settling that is happening within me... is so very welcome, I see this settling happen outwardly in my life and I am so very grateful.

My physical body reminds me that I need to pay attention to all the systems of my life while these energies find their way into a fluid and sustainable rhythm and harmony in my life.

Our new year begins at the next full moon.
As I say good bye to this time of completion, I remember all that has passed in this heaven and earth cycle. The endings of times which have been so very deeply revealing about us, our ways, our dreams, our life purpose and our foundational structure.
It is the end of an era, an end of a time and end within the time of times.

Today we enter into the boat of non-resistance in grace. The stream which carries us is the River of Light..... sure, clear, gentle and easy. As we now have surrendered in freewill passion...... our tasks and directions in our lap... our tools beside us..... our pathways held by heaven and earth in unison..... our destiny is beyond our own knowing...... and in freedom we trust in our eternal devotion to Source as dream and dreamer..

Ego/Soul Conversation: This morning we watch the Starlings in the apple tree outside our window eating the last of the apples on the tree. Their deep magical blue chests shine so beautifully as the sun reflects their heart. Trust holds our common heart and tears of gratitude enter into us. They, life of this planet earth, do show us about noble trust. These few apples show us about noble trust and sustainable life. The homeless show us about noble trust....the dove which eats next to these starlings (starlings which can be aggressive with their food), these doves show us about noble trust today.

In Sacred Geometric forms, Divine Communion, or the dream of the dreamer holds this blue circle for the charitable steps learned in noble trust. WE continue our path as Divine/Human Beings in co-operation, eternally delightfully devoted to seeking ways to end suffering for all life.

And as our body(ies) enter into states of lovableness... WE feel grateful for these years of remembering who we are. WE feel grateful in allowance of self/Self to open to receive gracefully the joy and happiness of life in this beautiful form.

It was not always so. There was a time of internal separation, a time where I forgot that we are all One.
One of the same substance, element and form. One of the same purpose. And in my own "I", I forgot Us. There were so many times in my life when my own beauty created for me a deception of self and I shy ed away from being fully who I am. Through worry and guilt, using egos tool of arrogance to be my teacher I isolated in to eternal independence seeking freedom. And I found freedom in arrogance. I found the freedom of loneliness, of desolation and of sorrow. Arrogance led me to find the peaceful way to balance the receipt of all things given freely by Source. The lessons of arrogance felt hard and harsh in my life..... and it was truly what I needed to find the deep self of inner form...... and to allow that form to be burned and reformed into Acceptance, Allowance and Surrender.

I remember well the path of Re-formation, the scary dark caverns, the heat, the beauty of reflections unseen before. The desire to cocoon, the gentle and not so gentle guides which carried me across molten lava. The discovery of colors unseen before, the heat, the mesas, the pleasures, the intensity, the cooling waters, the guides and guardians, the brothers and sisters who held space for me to transform into US. The small window of light which felt unreachable yet gave me hope and brought in the fresh air from a world unseen by my eyes before.

This cavern of deep and revealing reflection.... as this era of time does pass for me.

Like 'The Prophet' who sees his ship.... his kin entering upon the sea.... he reflects upon his days here in this land of learning who WE are..... no longer a novice of unknowing, rather a sage of Unknowing.
And it is in peaceful harmony that WE, as One, do enter gently, gracefully, poetically..... into the harmony of this ship as it rides the waves of life light and I do learn that it is in this light
of Being spirit/soul
That I am a Being lnLove, VateMare

The 12th Awareness is where we enter into the other side of unknowing, from the sea of reformation we find ourselves in the bliss of life in VateMare - color, light, form and sound.

Essence of life is the Emotional Wisdom for love.
Emotion Wisdom for love supports the transfiguring substance of conscious awareness as Unity.
Emotion Wisdom is recognized in its most primal level as harmonics, color, light, vibration, sound and sacred geometric form.
The emotional essence of life is the harmonic event in the Song of Creation. Within the essence of life true feelings are clearly experienced through all of the bodies with mindful acknowledgement and knowing through the Emotional Wisdom of understanding.
Center and balance meet in the scintillating splendor of harmonic dance.
Beauty and joy unite in awakening co-operation as supportive substance of new life for the Soul purpose of love. Faith is known.
We discover our Soul Purpose.

Part 4 - Discussion of Soul as Etheric Body and Aura

Let us consider, the physical form or our physical body also known as matter based form.

Divine Wisdom and Human Emotion exist within the physical experience of the Etheric Body (Aura). The aura being the light vibrationary body which surrounds any form.

This etheric or Aura is referred to as the Soul signature. People ask, how does the Soul communicate with us? Let us consider that the soul is pure light energy. This energy which emanates is found as a 'point' within each cell of every physical form. As forms congregate, the aura or soul body becomes unified by the group and is experienced socially as a group. In the human body this is the form which lives in the largest organ, the skin. The aura or auric body can be sensed and seen about an inch above the skin. The fluidity and color, density and continuity of the aura is dependent upon the emotional health of the individual and also relates to larger and smaller forms of life such as planets, systems, landscapes, continents, societies, families and groups.

In order for our soul to communicate with our ego, there must be a gravitational resonance, beacon or homing device 'reachable' within each Being.

Our Soul has the answer as to what our purpose for living and existence is. Clutter in any form creates obstacles to the pure heart wave length of the Soul.

Having a clutter free environment allows clear pathways for the Soul to deliver its message.

The more clutter, the less able the ego is to hear, see or sense the presence of the soul.

The Auric body is in a sense like water. It is wavy, it is reflective, it can be soothing and it feeds and supports what we 'think' and mutually supports our 'actions'. It is the unified colors magenta and violet.

The aura is made of vibration. Briefly and simplistically, this vibration is a 'sound' and a 'color' and when this sound and color are in unity they co-create a 'form'. Every color is a sound and every sound is a color. Sound and color emanate from 'Emotions'.

Part 5: Importance of Wisdom in Emotion

Emotional Wisdom creates forms of highest frequency, this is natural order.

"In the Wisdom of my experience of living, what Emotions will lead me into my future?"

Our personal qualities lend us vision as to what we 'are made of'. If we can consider ourselves to be the vehicles of eternally evolving qualities, we can gain footing in our life purpose. Simple realizations help us to understand our 'worth' as individuals and as family.

When we can walk as the embodiment of our supreme quality, we experience direction from our soul, which aides us in 'remembering' past experiences. These past experiences enhance our daily living experiences by providing us with integral 'light or energy' support systems which give us faith and wisdom through Creative Inspiration.

The health of our physical and mental bodies are directly influenced by the 'health' of our auric body as is the auric body directly influenced by our mental and physical health. Again our aura is the light energy frequency where the soul directly lives and transmutes information to and from the center within to our higher soul self and ultimately to and from the Universal Source.

Emotional Sobriety creates space for soul sound to have easy access to peace and ease. Clutter free minds, clutter free bodies, clutter free homes, vehicles and work spaces create 'sanctuary' for the ego/soul unity.

Where do you live in relationship to a clutter free environment?

In regard to the physical and mental bodies an exercise for 'beginning' to create a space for ego/soul unity begins in breath. How do you breathe? Breath is the energy necessary for each cell of the body, the mind body, the physical body and the emotional body. Breath is the first step in becoming Emotional Wisdom. Breath allows us to be still and gain clarity while feeding our physical form with much needed oxygen.

Breath cleanses our bodies and allows for fluidity and clarity for emotions, which translates into Emotional Wisdom

5 to 10 "IN" Breath Exercise

This exercise is to help you to take a relaxing breath 'IN'.

First: Breath In and observe where your breath ends in your physical body before you naturally release to the 'out' breath.
Is it at your throat, your lungs, and your belly? Do you notice it in the front or the back of your body? Make a note.

Next: Take an in breath; see the breath move along a line which begins at the nose. Imagine this line of breath traveling from the nose up the front of your face, over the top of your head, around and down your back and out the base of your buttocks (butt)😀.
Make a note of the difference from your first breath to this breath.

Next: Mark your physical form breath pathway into ten, #9 at the kidneys and #10 ten ending with the breath moving out of your bottom. In your mind's eye see each of these places as a gateway which opens to the next space.

Next: take a practice breath counting each gateway, experience the breath move through your spine as it rounds your head and begins its descent. Make your notes.

Now begin your full 5 - 10 breaths. What color and sound do you sense your aura to be?

Take 5 full breaths in the 10 segments.

***special note... It is easiest to do the breath by relaxing your physical form.
also.. Allow the 'out' breath to release from the physical body in a natural and easy manner.

Part 6: Questions for consideration

  1. Read the Letter of Spiritual Direction in its entirety.
  2. Consider the transition that you have been working through from the 11th to 12th Awareness.
    What have your experiences in the Reformation process looked like?
  3. Consider the aspects of your life along with your physical, mental and emotional form. What has been occurring for you?
  4. We are in the fulcrum point, how is this relevant to your life? What does this mean to you?
  5. As you move into the 12th awareness, what does emotional wisdom look like for you?
  6. Are your qualities residing in peaceful ease?
  7. As groups of 2, practice the 5 - 10 breath exercise. One person records while the other does the exercise. Allow time for discussion.
  8. What color is the color of your group?
  9. "In the Wisdom of my experience of living, what Emotions will lead me into my future?"

Please answer question #9 and place it in the Community formation section of the Vatemare Forum.

This letter of Spiritual Direction is for the months of 11 and 12/2010

Thank you for your kindness, have fun and enjoy your life.
lnlove and Peace,
Willow JiMi Tequillo

Dear New Healers,

A channel conversation from our counsel and guides:

Beloved, you are loved.

In the beginning....... the beginning before time
time being the measure of accounting or separateness

In the beginning... the beginning before space
space being that place where we saw ourselves separate from one another.

In the beginning...... when all Is One and One is All
In the beginning there IS
In the beginning there is US

In my desire to Know self
there were questions that I had about Me.
These desires were Ideas of charity to know

These Ideas of charity became thoughts
which filled me with a deepness
realizing the mystery that I am

opening into the freedom of that which I Am
generosity and allowance
for me to see me.

From this magic
You, my vision became manifest.
As I watch you, me
I learn the route to which the answer Iives.

the questions are born from mind
and the answers are born at the same moment

the route, experience, travels, and journey
are limitless as "I"

You are the seed grown of these questions.

At the time of birth of a soul
a question is given, along with an answer.
The answer has seven words.

During this time of dreaming you are being asked to 'remember and RE-member'
both the question and the answer.
These are the keys of your life purpose, our purpose together as one.

These questions are different than your Source work
your source work is the cauldron which allows you to burn away the veils which
keep your question and answer hidden in the mystery.

Your dreams, both day and night reveal to you the secrets that have been veiled.
As you move at this time through the misty forest
revelations point you in the direction of the chalice of your BEING.

After 7 days of your work with us
you may ask to have your question revealed to you.
Through your dreams during this time you can decipher your 7 words.

At the Light Ceremony
your answers will be revealed to you.

This is an enjoyable time
a time of wonder and of awe.
Be well with this knowing for each of you is
the pure essence of IS
IS is Beauty in Joy = Happiness

Dream well in blissful acceptance that you are at the very threshold
of discovery. May creativity hold the sound of your color.

your counsel and guides


At this moment beginning yesterday our Earth Planet is experiencing the Embodiment of the light balance.
What this looks like is three triangles.
The outer being the heavenly mystery
the inner which is the earthly mystery

the center is the one that is being integrated in both heaven and earth.
It is the new life force of our merging worlds.

The center triangle is yellow in color
the 1st is green
the 2nd is purple.

This is the contemplation:
I am Spiritual Cosmos, the connection between divine heaven and divine earth.

You are being protected,
you need to pay attention to your energy
where it is going
how well you are following direction
are you focused?
are you living by the seat of your pants?
Is your energy centered between
the three minds?

The mind of the brain - head
the mind of the wil - emotions
the mind of the saceral - physical form (1st and 2nd chakra)

This merging time is a time for surrender to mindful clarity and not a time to be sluffing off or ignoring the path.

Surefootedness, clarity, and center in all of your bodies is imperative right now.

The question is: can I allow for the energies to flow in a fluid and balanced way?



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