LSD 12/2011 - Gratitude in the Light of Appreciation (LSD 2008)

Letter of Spiritual Direction
December 2008
Letter of Spiritual Direction by Willow Tequillo


It is during this time of winter, beginning on the shortest day of the year when Ceremonies of Light' span across our world and through our universe. What is it about this time of time? What does this cycle of time represent?

6th Awareness Contemplation
Divine Mystery embodies Human Mystery through the dreams of Divine Body embodying Human Matter in Humility, moving through passionate passage ways of gratitude in Adoration, Cherishment, Awe.
The center of light is the spark within the depth of darkness.
Our cells wake up when this 'point of light' registers, remembers and reclaims the Matter within the depth of Mystery. In our Mind Body, our thoughts become inspired and we become creative and inspired.
Our Emotional Body becomes the tender space of compassion and we experience adoration, cherishment and awe. Our Physical Body enlivens and our warmed senses become filled in light. ease and fluidity.
Full health and happiness become the "I Am" that we have been seeking. Gratitude for the large and small ideas, experiences floods our senses and embody us in passion for life and connection with all that is. We remember cherishment as an enlightened matter which inspires adoration for that which we have co-created; sparking then the awe of our very existence.
The candles that we light during this time represent the focused light of this experience within our units we call "family, clan, tribe, community, society, culture, country, world and universe."
This time of year represents for us as human beings a single moment in 'the time of cycles when of all human nature honors the generosity of Divine source.

I know this generosity as, "Great Spirit and Great Mystery Becoming the desire of self, to see and know self, through the unified expression of passionate love with each other, INLOVE.
This passion reunited as a spark, a kiss a touch, a devotion, a melting and a melding in heart mind and matter Divine Soul meeting the physical matter, each valid and worthy of the loving care of the other, There is no discrimination, only the comprehension of the choice of form in "degree" of like qualities. Through the evolution of existence this simple day of "one light" in the darkness of matter is a time of celebration uniformly throughout all existence in cycle and in some eternity, past present and future.
This is the day when great matter, mystery, allows full penetration of light to meet her depth and love of who she is. That she might see herself in the are of matter that she holds.
Here Great Spirit of light surrenders to the full embrace of mother, matter and finds hope that his light does sell shine and shines on and within the deep golden crevices of crystal beauty. Beauty where silence, matter, flow and generosity are awaking patiently for the Great Creation Spirit In Dream to come and co-create a new form. It is within this passionate still point that gifts originate and splendor dances and gives way for enlightening days to come.
Hope of a new day is here today as the depths of gratitude do hold the light deep within our hearts of appreciation. We are both Spirit and Mystery (Matter), we are inspirited matter, we are enlightened matter. As light within matter - we are 'the light of the world', light in form.
"We" tree, rock, wind, cosmos, water, fire, earth.
'We' coyote, eagle, panther, whale and ant.
'We' family of humans.
'We' structures and institutions of care.
'We' homes.
'We' partners, friends, work and play. 'We' are all that we are.
'We' Are the Enlightened Matter of all that we are. In this we remember and reclaim ourselves as one Light in matter this Night. We are the single enlightened cell of ail existence as a sacred reflection of 'I' as Al-One.
Together we celebrate enlightened matter as we light a candle of hope for our world and universe to remember and reclaim the unified whole that we are in peaceful harmony.
Blessed Be all light in love.

Dear Community
we will be considering these today in our conversation.
you will want to be able to sight and example of how you, as a member of this clan
have learned that you are reliable through one of these.
Please speak to this.

Life is an Art said,
Let us Consider what we are Made of (reliability). What can we rely on as a clan?

Our INTEGRITY, or that which holds us together is a common strength, purpose and understanding of emotions being voiced.

Our FAITH, that which we believe in, through hope in Kindness.

Our ACTIONS, holding the integrity of faith even when sometimes we can't see the big picture.

Our FAMILY, Unity of integrity through faith and action and actions of faith. Integrity must be tested and worn to see and comprehend the flexibility, sustainability and maintainability of the fabric of any individual or group.


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