New World Formation - Hopi

I spoke with Anna, she tells me that the is no ceremony for spring 2012. Maybe this is the first time in two thousand years that the dance and song are unheard.
I weep for what this means for my people who have held the circle for so long.
The end of time, the end of time, the end of time. The silence of timelessness, the way of a new way.
I waver between this and that, I cry for the change and I rejoice for the change, I am still
I am the inner stillness within the change
the turning over of the staff to the New, Us.
Are we prepared? Have we listened well? Have we heard? Does our light shine forth as the New World Formation?
I hear the voices of hope, of discouragement, of grace, of strength.
I hear the beauty resounding in my heart.
I mourn, and yet in my deep heart of substance, I awaken to the breezes talking hope in the pine, the beings gathering nuts, the birds flying over head and Orian standing strong with Leo calling forth the Pleidain Love to grace us again, while we transverse the unknown.

I honor my ancestors today, Job well done, thank you for dancing, singing our creation into sustainability, may we too be of the joyful root which holds the light within our conscious being, as sacred and worthy. Rest now my ancestors, let the silence of cherishment hold you. May you know through your enduring faith that all is well and we recieve the staff and mark the new time of Peaceful Ease. Thank you for your intimate love and care, for your endless prayers of devotion to Peace. Thank you for your dreams and your visions, your truth and your light, through all of the comings and goings of time.

May you rest peacefully, fully knowing that you have done well, what you came here for. And I remember your laughter, your mud, your play, your hard word and your devotion.

I do pray that you ease my heart and pray for me, that I might have the courageous faith to take this step in co-creating a way for the Time of Peaceful Ease. Take from me my worry and sorrow.
Help me to trust in the voice of the Universe, that this transition will be pleasant and that you will always be Remembered and cared for. I love you my ancestors. Through the thick and the thin, through the this and the that, through laughter, sparkles, pains and sorrows. You have helped. And in your kind and generous ways you have given the gift of OK, always silent in nonattachment, holding steady in center and balance.

May your new journey be of happiness. May that which you are called to be a part of, embrace you in delight and may this delight be resonant with your new dreams and visions.

We do together walk the sacred path of beauty, unfolding and unfurling in the infinite, limitlessness of eternity.
May we again hear and see your sacred song and dance.
May our very being be awakened by your prayers.
Willow JiMi

Personal-Universal Co-Creative Ascension in Absolute Authentic Eternal from Divine Human Miracles of Delightful Devotion.

"WE begin to discover what has been set before us.
Beginning through the safe keeping of joy and beauty and end of strife. We enter today into the sanctuary of sacredness, holiness. The beginning of the new and the end of the old.
To begin to understand, this beginning centers in the knowledge that we do not understand.
That it is far greater, bigger than we know.
To Begin in trust, in destiny.
A dream, dreaming us into Being long before our conscious or unconscious understanding.
Only the inner inklings to guide us.
And at some point our very understanding of 'this or that' becomes the inner rebellion, and when rebellion is gone, and all that remains is a remote movement inclining us to 'this or that' direction; and does kindly lead us to another step, center and balance.
Purely by Grace alone.
Maybe it is there that true Presence exists, for here in this space of nothingness, we are propelled. Having left behind something in the distance, 'the compelling nature of desire'.
Only Presence.
Mind no longer compelled by desire.
Unknowing of right and wrong.
Listening to the sounds of others leading me. Emotions of Love's, trickling a stream, a direction in landscapes undeveloped, unformed or ventured. Emptiness in neither, yet in both, light and dark, color and form.
Like a Warp. My memories of rebellion seem only to detach from “IS”.
Leaving me open to creativity.
I sense only that >I< will be gone soon.
Having only presence, cutting from me strife.
I question this way.
Do I further sabotage my own work or is it a conduit from which my work will flourish?
Only time and space will tell.
May we wake with an understanding of greater grace. Inlove JiMi

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