Season of Time – The Circle

Letter of Spiritual Direction

A Season of Time .. Dear Circle,

To the Inner Circle of the feminine. Today begins our moon cycle of quiet nurture. Warming our homes and tending the inner fire of nurturance. Tending to the inner quiet detail of the feminine. Recalling days which have passed. Dreaming time within the Great Mystery.

To the Outer Circle of the Masculine. It is a time when our men dance with the spirit memories of the light which has just passed. A time of remembering the year cycle of Father Sun. A time of dreaming and prayer with the Ancestors. We call this Grandfather time, or the time In which the Grandfathers speak to the masculine, men, sons, and grandsons, about how each man is doing in the support and nurturing/keeping of the generations.

It is a time when men (masculine) remember through story, the days of experience, the joys and laughter, open heart, hope and well-being of their life. It is a time when love reasons cherishing; sits deep and settles within the bodies. And in this settling of love within form, nurturing naturally supports sharing through adoration, love, cherishment, and joy as prayer guided and supported by Great Spirit.

And we call this Grandmother time. Also, a time when our Ancestors, the Grandmothers sit with women, their daughters and granddaughters. A time when we consider the year, the heart of all experience. The joys of life through laughter and tears. It is a time of remembering. It is time for women (feminine) to relax. Unwind and unbind the yarn threads. It is timefor inner creativity cherishing in details of the mystery. It is a time of spice and deep warming fragrance. It is a time of warm dance, veils, and warm lights. It is a time for invitation in dreaming.

For both the Masculine and the Feminine, It is a time for no demand.

Respectively, it is a time where we offer our feelings to our ancestors. grandfathers/grandmothers and in turn our grandmothers and Grandfathers speak of the dreams of adults and youth. And prayers eternal is written on cosmic particles through hot meals, prayer feathers, stitches. and woven cloth.

So let us in this time of reclaiming memory, BE Beings of Peace, sharing peacefully the inner sanctuary of delight. Let us in this time of reclaiming memory; share story, laughter, fire and the warmth of delightful devotion in compassionate joy.

Blessed be, JiMi Tao

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