40th Awareness – Halo of Love

The Curve of Miracle
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Acceptance defined as 'the action of Consenting to receive something offered'

Allowance defined as 'to take into consideration when planning'

Generosity defined as, 'a quality of being kind and generous...also to be plentiful'

Feeling defined as, 'the integrated experience of the divine human mind, the divine body and human matter, the divine wisdom and human emotion"

All matter is derived from the experience of life inspiritedmatter/ in mattered spirit.

Acceptance is the third interval of the round which makes up experience and creates feelings.

First one must go through the test of allowance. Allowance of self to be in relation with another. There is a long period lnwhich two must consider the equitable balance in all aspects of life.

Allowance moves to generosity. Generosity of self, sheds the grandiose glamor of pride and learns to trust in another of equal stature. This is difficult because, it is easier and less authentic to choose relationships which do not require honesty. So one can work through numerous relationships before deciding, if ever, to learn the balance of living in relation with like mind, like physical and like emotional aptitude.
The equitable relationship thus leads to Presence with self and other, and leaves behind the chaotic language of set and steadfast patterns which have housed safety, 'through not being met'.

Acceptance requires a surrender of self to trust in self and other.
If the relationship is not equitable, then it resides within failure and unworthiness of living.

If the relationship is equitable, then trust lives within the universal authenticity of unfolding.

It is from these three Qualities
Allowance, Generosity and Acceptance, that feelings are birthed.

  • Allowance surrenders to the plan or agreement.
  • Generosity surrenders to kindness.
  • Acceptance surrenders to receiving.

Noticing that in each interval, each individual must freely give up the stake of total and absolute control, in order for natural unfolding to occur.

Each person must equally support trust in self and other. As stated previously, balance and equitability in commonality, will determine safety each finds in the relationship. Safety provides for a natural expansion in the relationship.

From this trusted space of authenticity, feelings emerge as the fruit of the relationship.

Freedom of expression leads to the inner connection of feelings, regardless of what body is being spoken to.

Freedom of expression is the core result of Being without fear.

A healthy relationship is one where equitable freedom is given/received as sharing expression through feelings.

It is here in sharing expression through feelings, that miracles are experienced within the Halo of Love that empowers Presence in the unification of the great and small...limitless, boundless, eternal.

INLove's service
In presence may I be a breath of peace.
JiMi Tao

Winter Solstice

Dear Community,
As we enter into this time of family and friends may your lives reflect the joy that you have so deeply longed and worked for.
May your loved ones realize the sharing care that you so deeply live in.
The sanctuary that you have made within each of your hearts.
The sacred self that lives so delightfully in each of you.

As we come upon this Winter Solstice Ceremony, this Ceremony of Light, we remember those years back when our steps seemed insurmountable and yet courage led faith into the wisdom of Being. And now you find yourselves Being in that which you wondered about. You are solid. You are reliable, maintainable and sustainable. Everyone of you. I am gratefully privileged to know you, see you, witness you and walk this journey with you.

May you find the greatest happiness and give comfort, safety and sharing to your partnerships, your families and your friends. May you bless the homes that you enter into and may you play delightfully with your relations. May the work that you have done show without words the path of beauty that you are, and may the vehicles of your life give energies of kindness in ways that even surprise you. May your merging egosoul unity find favor with delightful devotion.


I leave to be with the children day after tomorrow. I may not be as available as I usually am.
Its all good.

You have my cell phone number.

I love you and thank you each for your connections inloves generosity.


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