LSD: Character and Essence (Organic and InOrganic)

Dear Community,

I would like very much to thank you with a big smile for your loving care while I have been away.

Thank you for the opportunity to recover from my own frailty and in humility of too many days laid down, I do humbly return with a certain clarity of direction and purpose.

It has been a long effort on everyone's part these last few months. And below you will find a very serious conversation. So take a deep breath and know that I am here and fully present in community and in such, I return with some clarity of self and WE.

I have had a lot of time to reflect on what creates wellness for me and what doesn't; what creates wellness for community and what doesn't, so as I return to working with us in community, there are specific things that I will and will not do; participate in and not participate in.


One of the reasons that I work so diligently with community has to do with a purpose that is predisposed within me. My mission, my life, my reason for being here in this incarnation. This mission has been brought forth by many n the past and I am only one of many who carries the evolutionary torch for future generations.

Community is a way in which all species of this planet and our universe survive.

Today our world has reached its limits in separation of cultures. My JOB and I believe yours, is to help co-create cultures which evolve for the health and wellbeing of our species and for the health and wellbeing of our planet. I believe us to BE Culture Creators.

Over the last many years I have guided you in learning about YOU. The intimate parts of yourselves; provided you with ways and methods to self, examine your inner relationship with your own beliefs and disbeliefs. I have spent my Whole SELF in this process. In this focus I was unable to get much into my creative side, such as in paint or thread.

I believe my break came in having to look at extensions. So the question for me came from my Sunim. What makes me happy and able to maintain that happiness?

I can say that my physical body required me to take silence for a long time it seems. Unraveling the tightly spun to do list. In this to and fro of the inner makings of what it means to give and receive, I learned a lot of things.

  1. I learned that these last couple of years we have been looking at personality. Each person has a personality, and sometimes these personalities get along and sometimes they don't.
  2. I have noticed that there is a reliance on personality to be 'creative ego' which demands the attenton of the whole to feel valid or of worth.
  3. I have noticed that personality is very often demanding as it is about individuality and narcissist 'me needing you to see it my way'.
  4. I have noticed that in measuring worth by personality ability lacks the completeness required in community.

So this year in our efforts to expand our vision of community, we will be journeying through the lands of Character and Essence (Organic and InOrganic).

Character is of WE. We are a character of the whole and we move with our individuality to examine our Wholeness in Character.

So we shall begin with your Letter of Invitation to welcome me back into the Community.


  1. Please take your original individual note you wrote to me.
  2. Read it to yourself.
  3. In reading you will find one sentence that connects your bodies to your inner most truth.
  4. Post this sentence to become a part of the invitation in you Individual Community Formation area.
  5. Then when everyone has posted; without changing anyone's sentence, place the sentences in a order that feels healthy to you. Please have your individual sentences posted by next Sunday. Please have your cumulative sentences posted by the next Community meeting.
  6. Let us see where this takes us.

II. As for my interactions with community.

  1. I will be working to develop
    a. Formation structures for you to continue with your self-examinations.
    b. In regard to individual spiritual guidance, I will only be looking at your general conversation areas.
    c. I will be working to get my work published into usable forms for teachers and for conferences, and gatherings.
    d. I will be painting, these pieces of art will go toward the sustainability of my life and I will ask that you help to get my work into the eye of those whom it can bring comfort to.
    e. I will be providing spiritual guidance to those whom want it. If you can say that I have been helpful to you in your evolution of self, I am available. I will not work with those whom feel they are angry with me. My life, my heart, my home, my sharing is a sanctuary of the sacred. If you feel you need to be angry with me then you need to find a different teacher. I no longer have room within me to deal with inner personality conflicts.
    f. You will treat me with respect as your teacher and guide. I do not feel I am above or below you, however I do believe that in helping you to develop in personality, I have allowed for a disrespect to unravel. I wish us to see that we as community are a priceless tapestry made of silken threads of eternity. I will meet you here and go no further in acknowledgement of hostility.
    g. You (WE) have the tools and means to move forward in delight, my expectation is to honor this gift of the universe in JOY, for in this way we turn the wheel of dharma.
    h. I am not interested in ANY conversations about disgruntlements. I want to know how you are working out your conflicts in joy.
    i. If your feel inwardly that your voice or words are out of order, Do NOT Speak. Even the correct word with the tone of suffering, begets suffering. STOP.
    j. I will be teaching a class on the 7 sounds of silence on Fridays. It is my hope that these are recorded to be used in the future for future generations.

Our love for each other is what holds us together. Our willingness to allow others to expand our own playfulness brings joy to community. A song sung alone is beautiful. A song sung in harmony is Beauty.

So it is that I truly hope that we will get on track and progress our work out into the world. For our selfishness can only go so far before it implodes upon itself. So I ask today that we be of sound courage and determine the character of US this year. How are we contributing to our world as Co-Creators of Culture?

Community Assignment for February Gathering.

Assignment 2: Worthiness

  1. Create a beautiful Box.
  2. Make a list of your strengths.
  3. Place your list inside your box.
  4. This is your worthiness box.
  5. This is your character, the action and effort that goes out into the world every day and meets and greets the Eternal Aspects of your lives.
  6. Look in this box often and remember who you are and what you are made of.
  7. Promote your character by stepping in the pool tides of loving kindness first, In this way joy can be your compassions companion.
  8. Love deeply and explore your character though creativity.



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