Awareness Fire of Formation

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

May this year bring everyone a special kind of joy that lives deep within and flows out unexpectedly.
This is the year of Divine Wisdom and Human Emotion and we are working with the tides of, Fire of Formation.

Fire of Formation is that Soul Awareness where we learn a lot about sharing responsibility, sharing need and skill with inner and out personal Truth in Strength and Knowledge. Relieving the suffering of others by helping with what they can not do on their own. This is tricky because we may want to just do for another, but this is a time where we relieve our world of passive aggression and help ourselves and others by helping where help is needed and can not be done without our help.

It is a time for us to remember we are here to help ourselves and others become the strength and knowledge of our highest capacities. When we encourage, we strengthen the core of each other.
When we strengthen, we accomplish goals through knowledgeable actions of co-operation. Co-Operation brings JOY, the Third Way of the Trine. The First way of the trine is Love through Communion, the Second way of the Trine is Compassion through Compassion. And this year we work globally and universally with the Third way of the Trine, and that is Joy through Co-Operation. We do this by sharing and developing Strength and Knowledge of our Core Personal Truths and listen with caution and allowance for anothers Core Personal Truth. We find the core commonality and we grow Co-Operation from there. We honor each other by sharing the heart of acceptance of each other.

We remember that we are friends and that even in times of great effort, we are supported by the universe in ways that are soooo uncommon that we might dismiss the help and acknowledgement as silly.

It was during the time of Fire of Formation in my own journey that I remember the sweet tender gifts of Guardians and Guides, Masters and Teachers.

It is a time when we really must look at what the deep inner voice is. And also remember, because we have spent so little time with it, we can believe it to be silly.

It is a time when we are most supported by the world and universe, it is time to birth our belief. And in so birthing our belief we are blessed in uncanny ways that can stun our very understanding of reality.

It is a time of great wonder and expectation. When we flow with the breeze, the breeze will carry us to the fragrances of delight.

Know you are blessed this year and share your blessings with others whom honor and care for you and what you love.

All blessings inGrace,

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