LSD 1/2010

Part I
Planetary Alignment, Mercury & Mars Retrograde, Winter solstice, Blue Moon
Part II
Ascended Wisdom Matrix
Community Thread
Community/Individual Assignment
Open Conversation


Message on Humility from Willow

LSD 3/2010

ASW - Divine Power/Human Thought in Generous Allowance whose intentional Purpose is "Wonder in Compassion"

LSD 4/2010

Awakening Contemplations: Ascended Wisdom Matrix Teachings - Seventh Awareness
Assignments regarding Awakening through EnSoul-ment


Letter of Spiritual Awareness
NBH/VAV Community Threads - Revision
Regional Group Assignment - formation of Divine Human Being through your thread

LSD 6/2010

Summer Solstice, Summer Laughing Ceremony
Awakening Co-operation - Lesson 2

7/2010 and LSD 7/2010

Community Assignment:
Divine Truth and Human Wisdom in Passionate Passageways of Strength
Note from Willow: Moving with New Moon
Considerations for LSD "Spiritual Cosmic Connections"
How do we come to know that 'we are we'
Community Regional Assignment
First Intention: quality/spiritual cosmic connection
Painting of Home Tree


Contemplation: 8<sup>th</sup> New Moon
Source - who are you and who am I?
Sympathetic compassion becomes empathetic compassion - choice for emotional sobriety
Excerpt from 1<sup>st</sup> trinity relationship to tree of life
Contemplations - Unified qualities of Grateful Gratitude through ASW, Thread 8,
Empathetic Compassion begins through the Work of Friendships

LSD 9/2010

Mystical Experience as Vision Quest
Vision Quest I and II

LSD 10/2010

Divine Hope Human Becoming Graceful Cherishment
"What Community Means to Me"
Timely Note from Willow: interpersonal relationships, ego/soul balance

LSD 11/2010

Dedicated to Great Migration from 4<sup>th</sup> to 5<sup>th</sup> worlds
Concepts of Cycle
Soul Portraits #11 and #12 from 32 Awareness's
Soul as Etheric Body and Aura
Importance of Wisdom in Emotion
Questions for Consideration
Channel conversation from counsel and guides

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